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Japanese Tonkatsu Restaurant

かつくら 三条本店 / Katsukura Sanjo Honten

かつくら 三条本店

Katsukura *Reservations not accepted
They have various kinds of cutlet in here.They also have few branches in this area.They use branded pork.
The domesticated pigs from which they use their meat are bred through what is called the Three-way Crossing Process.
This process extracts the best traits of each of the pigs and combines them to create a superior hybrid.
The pigs are reared in a very clean environment and given selective feed which translates to safe and tasty pork.
Distance:About 240 m from SAKURA / About 3 min. on foot

和幸ゼスト御池店 / Wakou Zest Oike


They have Tonkatsu and various kinds of cutlet in reasonable price.If you order cutlet,You can have extra shredded cabbage salad,rice and miso soup in free charge!
They also have Bento box in good price,so you can take it away to your hotel.
Distance:About 350 m from SAKURA / About 4 min. on foot

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