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The shops we want to recommend.

Japanese Izakaya Restaurant

京極井和井 / Kyougoku Iwai


Used Kimono & Japanese traditional goods shop They are the shops my mother took me when I was little. Of course I still often buy small items and gifts here. Here you can buy everything from small and cute items to kimonos, tea utensils and tableware. Just watching it is a lot of fun.
Distance:About 750 m from SAKURA / About 9 min. on foot

灯心庵 / Tosinan Used Kimono Shop


This store is located on Shinkyogoku Street. Please be careful not to overlook it because it is a very small shop. This is a much cheaper place to buy kimonos than other Second Hand Shops in the same area.
Distance:About 500 m from SAKURA / About 6 min. on foot

原宿シカゴ 京都店 / Chicago Used Kimono Shop


This shop is in the middle of Teramachi Street. There is a kimono section on the second floor. It is a big and famous store among tourists, but the kimono on the second floor is very expensive compared to other similar shops. It ’s recommended that you look around here and visit several other stores before buying.
Distance:About 900 m from SAKURA / About 9 min. on foot

かづら清老舗 祇園本店 / Kazurasei Roho Gion Honten


They opened in 1865. At the beginning of the company's founding, they produced and sell wigs, Kamoji(a kind of hairpiece),and headdresses for actors and actoress. After that, they received orders from the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the ladies of the court and provided them for many years.
They products traditional Japanese hair accessory called Kanzashi and hair oil products made from camellia.
Distance:About 1300 m from SAKURA / About 17 min. on foot

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