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The shops we want to recommend.

Japanese Incense Shops

香老舗 松栄堂 / Shoyeido Incense Co.


This store opened in 1705 as named [SASAYA]. The incense of this store is used in famous historical places all over Japan.
The first shop owner has applied the court's secret traditions of blending incense that had been previously enjoyed exclusively by royalty. They continues the legacy of their innovative ancestors, offering a wide variety of unique, hand-blended incense. You can see making process for various incense in the factory next to this shop.
Distance:About 1300 m from SAKURA / About 17 min. on foot

鳩居堂 本店 / Kyukyodou


This store opened in 1663. You can see traditional incense, washi(Japanese traditional paper),calligraphy tools, postcards,envelopes, and high-quality Japanese traditional crafts.
Their store, which began with the drugstore, began producing incense in the 1700s. In the late 1700s, they began producing ink and brushes because of their deep relationships with famous calligraphers. There are still many historical things such as signboards inside and outside the store.
Distance:About 230 m from SAKURA / About 3 min. on foot

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