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Japanese Izakaya Restaurant

永楽屋 細辻伊兵衛商店 新京極三条店 / Eirakuya


Eirakuya was founded as a cotton fabric merchant in the early Edo period (1615). At present, it has been in business for 14 generations in Kyoto as the oldest cotton fabric merchant in Japan, including Tenugui(rectangle shaped Japanese style hand towels ) and furoshiki(Japanese style wrapping cloth) .Their designs range from the latest to molds used hundreds of years ago. Not only are their products practical, they are also very beautiful when displayed in a forehead.
Distance:About 250 m from SAKURA / About 3 min. on foot

宮脇賣扇庵 / Miyawaki Baisenan


They were founded in 1823. The first generation from Mino (Gifu prefecture) was founded. The current shop name was named after the 3rd generation Shinbei, who enjoyed calligraphy and had deep exchanges with literary artists. Their products are highly appreciated. Fans that combine beauty and use, such as touch, opening, weight, and ease of use, have received high acclaim, and various original pictures are used on the fan surface, many of which are hand-drawn. The folding fan is said to go through the hands of craftsmen 87 times. The process is divided into more than 20. With the passage of time, it is becoming difficult to secure craftsmen. They secure excellent craftsmen and their skills, and are passionate about technology succession. In addition, only members produced by the Kyoto Folding Fan Fan Commerce and Industry Cooperative Co., Ltd. can produce “Kyo(Kyoto style) Folding Fan” that are produced domestically.
Distance:About 600 m from SAKURA / About 7 min. on foot

お箸の専門店 箸ギャラリー門 京都店 / Mon

箸ギャラリー門 京都店

Hashi(Chopsticks) Gallery Mon
If you are looking for a gift related to Japanese cuisine, chopsticks are an ideal choice for foreign tourists. Small and compact, chopsticks are very difficult to break, even if they get loose in you luggage, and make excellent souvenirs.
Chopsticks are talismans that have tied humans to the gods since ancient times when they were given as gifts to ward off evil spirits. An important tool closely associated with Japan, chopsticks are one of the lacquer ware arts the country takes enormous pride in. They have gathering chopsticks from a great many regions, crafted in different shapes and with varied materials. Whether you are looking for a gift or for yourself, They will help you to find the perfect pair.
Distance:About 350 m from SAKURA / About 4 min. on foot

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